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WordPress for Beginners | 4 Tips every new user needs to know

WordPress for Beginners

We really enjoy the reactions and their excitement when we solve their challenge.

Here are the solutions to three four common but oh so frustrating issues encountered by WordPress beginners.

TIP#1:  How do I get a single line instead of a full paragraph break in WordPress?!!

WordPress TIPS - Shift and Enter together

Are you frustrated with the WordPress visual editor?  Every time you hit enter you get a paragraph break. BUT you only want a single return!  You aren’t alone, this is a common question we hear from WordPress beginners.

Use the shift key with the enter key.

(Did you see how I did that Voila! is just one line below without that annoying extra line gap?)

Shift + Enter together = a single return not a full paragraph break.

Give it a try yourself.

TIP #2: Do you only see one row of icons in the WordPress Visual editor?

Perhaps you are you looking to add headings (h2, h3) to your page. The WordPress Visual Editor has a toolbar toggle to get to the second row of icons that are initially hidden.

Toolbar Toggle Icon in the WordPress Visual Editor

Look for an icon that looks like this 

Mouse over it for a tooltip that tells you this is the Toolbar Toggle icon.

It is the last icon in the row on a default WordPress install – note that plugins or themes may add additional icons.

Click on the Toolbar Toggle Icon to reveal a second row of icons. Now you’ll discover so some really important tools such as the drop down to change text from regular paragraph text to headings (H2, H3).

WordPress visual editor toolbar toggle animated gif

TIP #3 My WordPress Dashboard only shows icons! Where have the words gone and how can I get them back?

Are you are in the wp-admin dashboard but you only see a list of icons on the left side menu instead of an icon with words?

Here’s how to get the words back beside the icons in your WordPress Dashboard menu:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on the arrow. 
  3. The menu was collapsed.  You may find collapsing the menu useful if you are editing your site on an iPad or other tablet.

TIP #4 My Publish / Update button is missing!

screenshot of collapsed publish panel

A friend emailed me in desperation this week, she had made a number of edits to a page but she couldn’t find the update button to save her changes. I asked her to send me a screenshot so I could see what she was seeing.

She had inadvertently collapsed the publish panel. Just click the arrow next to Publish to open it up again.

Open WordPress Publish Panel

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